John Daggett
General Information
Nationality American
Occupation Corporate President
Affiliation Master Plan, Daggett Industries
Size Small
Portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn

John Daggett was the proprietor and president of Daggett Industries, an international construction company.

He was notable for being a variable in Bane's rise to power and an important asset to the machinations of the Master Plan. He both supplied diamond mining rights in West Africa as well as providing Bane's men with money and private infrastructure.

When his services were no longer required, Bane killed him. His body was later found in a dumpster.

Due to his small size and his constant desire to be, or at least feel in charge, some have speculated that he is somehow related to CIA, but this relationship is currently unknown. Due to his size and remarkable lack of fear around Bane, he also appeared to be compensating for something.

He is portrayed by Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn.