General Information
Occupation Hired Gun
Affiliation Master Plan
Size Medium

Amon is the first hooded man that CIA interrogates using his gun. He is famed for being exceptionally trustworthy for a mercenary, just like his colleague Ahyred Gunn. He is very likely the same man as Juan. He is a part of Bane's Men.

Also Known AsEdit

  • Ahman
  • Dedn-Fulaay S'ohgud


  • Loyalty
  • Being quiet
  • Grabbing Dr. Pavel
  • Not flying so well


  • CIA believes that someone paid Amon to "Graabda kturpaabel". It is yet unclear what exactly this act entails.
  • His shirt is brown just as Juan's. This note coupled with the fact that only two men besides Bane entered the plane at the start (this man as well as another wearing a black shirt) it is apparent that Amon and Juan are the exact same person, Juan being a code-name for a "very important person".